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Japan City Tour (powered by Tokyo City Tour) was established as an official travel agency in 2005. Since then, we have already welcomed customers from over 60 countries and have arranged unique, tailor-made tours such as tours focused on hidden hot springs, Japanese subcultures, home visits, seasonal festivals and various cultural experiences.
We offer small group tours and private tours with English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portugeuse, German and Durtch speaking guides. We also have concierges in our network who can open doors that normally stay closed to tourists, so also with your very specific requests we can help you out.
If you have any inquiries or questions, please contact us through our website, via email or give us a call. We are happy to assist you with anything pertaining to your perfect holiday in Japan! At the moments, all the tourist have to obtain a Visa, we prepre all the documetns for your visa, including ERFS

Your smartphone becomes your guide!

Japan Avatar Guide is an app that avatar Caede uses to guide you on your trip in Japan. With video clips this app provides you with the basics as well as information not found in guidebooks or online. You might even discover something new if you are a repeat visitor!

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Pick up tours 2022 - 2023

* Autumn tours 2022 : The fall season is a yet underappreciated tourist season in Japan. it still stays pleasantly warm for quite some time in Tokyo and Kyoto. It is usually not too rainy, apart from a typhoon here and there. so that would be the perfect timing for a visit to Japan. The colorful autumn leaves are the main attraction at this time of year since the whole country bathes in their warm hues.
The colorful autumn leaves are the main attraction at this time of year since the whole country bathes in their warm hues.
* Tokyo Autumn Leaves Walking Tours * ▶︎
* Spring tours 2023 : The most popular season to travel to Japan is spring, and of course, there are good reasons for this popularity. The spring season in Japan is spectacular in many ways. After a few months of mainly staying cooped up in their houses, most people in Japan are very happy to start going outside again.
* Japan Cherry Blossom tour with Hiroshima 8 days * ▶︎

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Travel agency in Tokyo

Name of Travel agency : Tokyo City Tour co
License Number : 2-5733
Tokyo branch : 1-13-10 Sanshin building 2A, Hatchobori, Chuo-ku Tokyo Japan.
Phone number : +81-3-6280-4646

It is not so far from Tokyo station, you can walk from Yaesu Exit, it takes about 15 mini.
Also, Hatchobori station is very close, only 1 mini from exit A4 by HIBIYA LINE.