Japan Tour with ERFS Registration for Visa

Japan Tour with ERFS Registration for Visa

Japan Tour with ERFS Registration for Visa

Finally, Japan has started to open up its borders to international tourists in June 2022! But at this moment, you still can’t travel to Japan without restrictions. There are rules and regulations you need to adhere to, and you can only travel to Japan on a package tour organized by accredited travel agencies that can arrange your registration with the ERFS system that is currently needed to get a tourist visa for Japan. These package tours can be group tours as well as private tours, as long as the arranging agency is officially endorsed by the Japanese government. We are one of the agencies that have been approved by the government, and we are happy to help you with your travel inquiries about Japan! Here is an overview of how it works.

What do you need for a Japan tourist visa 2022?

1. As of June 2022, everyone who wants to come to Japan still needs a visa, even if you come from a country that was previously eligible for the visa waiver program. First, you need to make sure you are from a country from the Blue Group on the MOFA website. Only travelers from Blue Group countries can enter Japan with a tourist visa at this moment.
2. After you have determined that your country is eligible for a tourist visa, we can help you with the next steps. The first step will be to book a tour with us. We are happy to advise you on tours and which tour fits your interests and needs the best!
3. Once you have booked your tour with us, we can apply for your ERFS registration. For this, we need a copy/scan of all passengers’ passports and their email addresses. We will then proceed to register passengers’ information into the system, after which we can get the ERFS certificate that is necessary for your VISA application.
4. We will send you the ERFS certificate by e-mail and you will have to go to the Japanese embassy with this document to get your Japan tourist visa. Please note that it can take some time to receive your visa, so it is wise to book your trip at least a few weeks into the future to make sure the embassy has enough time to process your visa application.
5. It is finally time to fly! But first, a negative result from a PCR test taken within 72 hours prior to departure is required to enter Japan. There is good news too, as there will be no test and no quarantine upon arrival in Japan.
The Japanese government requires the test result to be in the following format:
6. Before departure, please download this app to your phone and register into the system by answering the questionnaire to significantly cut your waiting time at the airport.
7. In Japan, people are still wearing masks everywhere, so we ask tourists to do the same. We will share documents with you that outline good mask-wearing etiquette.
8. It is strongly advised to buy travel insurance that covers your medical costs in case you catch Covid-19 during their travel in Japan. You can buy insurance before departure or upon arrival.
9. One of the most important rules for travel under the ERFS system is that everyone must travel with a tour leader and give the tour leader their phone number when traveling. The reason for this is that the tour leader has a mandatory requirement to know where all customers are during their free time. Of course, the tour leader is also there to answer all your questions, make your trip as smooth as possible, and to help you enjoy your time in Japan as much as possible!

Embassy Regulations

Each embassy has its own regulations, so please ask the Japanese embassy in your country what the required information and documentation are to be eligible for a tourist visa for Japan. For example, the Mexican embassy requires information like a detailed itinerary, a contact number of an official travel agency in Japan, the name of the guide, etc., while the embassies of many countries in Europe need different information. In any case, we are happy to supply you with the information and documentation you need after we receive your booking.
Japan Tour with ERFS Registration for Visa

Book Japan Tour 2022

So if you are hoping to come to Japan as soon as possible, please feel free to contact us by email or fill out the Reservations and Inquiries form below. Our team is ready to assist you with all your questions and advise you on which tour is most economic for you to book. After you make your booking, we will register you for the ERFS system so you can apply for your tourist visa at the embassy in your country so you can finally enjoy your long-awaited Japan trip!

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