Red bridge over the Kurobe Gorge in Toyama, Japan

Toyama Travel Guide

Toyama Prefecture | Travel Guide

While Toyama Prefecture in the western part of Japan’s main island might not be a typical destination for international tourists, it has plenty to offer in terms of nature and history as you can read in this travel guide. Geographically, Toyama is a very unique place; there is the Tateyama Mountain Range which is a part of the Japan Alps in the southeast that has 3000 meter-high mountains, and on the opposite side of the spectrum, Toyama Bay is very deep with the deepest part being more than 1000 meters deep.

Most tourists come to Toyama to enjoy the wild nature of a part of the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, which is one of the most famous mountain routes in Japan. You can enjoy the Kurobe Gorge by railway, too. Another attraction of Toyama is fresh seafood. Because of the depth of Toyama Bay, a variety of fish can live there. Some of the most famous types of seafood from the region are firefly squid, white prawns, and amberjack in winter.

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Toyama Travel Guide