Japan Tour with ERFS Registration for Visa

Japan Tour with ERFS Registration for Visa

Japan Tour with ERFS Registration for Visa

This is the latest information regarding the border reopening of Japan, visa requirements for Japan, and what you should do if you want to travel to Japan now.

Updated Information Border Japan

TOKYO, Sept 26, 2022 – Finally, the moment we have all been waiting for is there. From October 11, 2022, tourists from countries in the visa waiver program can enter Japan visa-free again. Click here for a list of countries that are part of Japan’s visa waiver program.

The only anti-COVID measure that is still in place is the need for either proof of vaccination (3 vaccinations) OR proof of a negative PCR test taken less than 72 hours before entering Japan.

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Current ERFS and Visa Rules for Japan

Traveling before October 11, 2022? Then you still need an ERFS registration through an accredited travel agent. In that case, you can book one of our ERFS-friendly self-guided tours below:

Self Guided tour 9 days : Tokyo,Kyoto and Osaka

Self Guided tour 7 days : Tokyo and Kyoto

Here are the steps to take for an ERFS-friendly tour. If you travel after October 11th, you can follow steps 3-6.

1. Once you have informed your schedule with us and need to discuss it, then if we agree, we can apply for your ERFS registration. For this, we need a copy/scan of all passengers’ passports, every traveler’s email address, and your exact travel itinerary. Please provide these upon booking. We will then proceed to register passengers’ information into the system, after which we can get the ERFS certificate that is necessary for your VISA application.

2. We will send you the ERFS certificate by e-mail and you will have to go to the Japanese embassy with this document to get your Japan tourist visa. Please note that it can take some time to receive your visa, so it is wise to book your trip at least several weeks into the future to make sure the embassy has enough time to process your visa application.

3. It is finally time to fly! A negative PCR test taken within 72 hours prior to departure is no longer required to enter Japan if you are triple vaccinated. There is also no test or quarantine upon arrival if you are triple vaccinated. If you are not triple vaccinated, the Japanese government still requires a negative PCR test result that is no older than 72 hours upon arrival in Japan which should be in the following format:

000799426.pdf (mhlw.go.jp)  (English)
000909638.pdf (mhlw.go.jp)  (Spanish)
000909641.pdf (mhlw.go.jp)  (French)
000909639.pdf (mhlw.go.jp)  (Thai)

4. Before departure, please download the My SOS app to your phone and register into the system by answering the questionnaire to significantly cut your waiting time at the airport.

-> My SOS application

5. In Japan, people are still wearing masks everywhere, so we ask tourists to do the same. We will share documents with you that outline good mask-wearing etiquette.

6. It is strongly advised to buy travel insurance that covers your medical costs in case you catch Covid-19 during your travel in Japan. You can buy insurance before departure or upon arrival.

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Japan Tour with ERFS Registration for Visa

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So if you are hoping to come to Japan as soon as possible, please feel free to contact us by email or fill out the Reservations and Inquiries form below. Our team is ready to assist you with all your questions and advise you on which tour is most economic for you to book.

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