The front and garden of the Kanaya Hotel History Museum in Nikko

Go To Travel Short Trips Near Tokyo : Japan

Go To Travel Short Trips Near Tokyo : Japan

***At this moment, the Go To Travel campaign in Japan is suspended until further notice. We can take reservations for future trips and reconfirm them once it is clear when the campaign will resume.

Do you want to get away from the city for a bit? Why not take advantage of the Go To Travel discount that gives you up to 50% off on your tour packages all around Japan by taking an overnight trip to one of the popular destinations for short trips from Tokyo; Nikko, Hakone, or Kawaguchiko? And while you are there, you could opt for a fun private tour in Nikko, Hakone, or Kawaguchiko. There has never been a better time to discover a new part of Japan than now. Take the opportunity while the campaign lasts and the country’s cities and tourist spots are still relatively calm.

Please note that this campaign is only available for residents of Japan. For an extensive overview of how the Go To Travel system works, please read this article.

Go To Travel Short Trips Near Tokyo : Japan

Overnight Nikko/Hakone/Kawaguchiko Packages with Go To Travel

For the best prices, you can book your overnight stay in Nikko, Hakone, or Kawaguchiko through us, including or excluding transportation. Rest assured that we do not charge you extra because of the Go To Travel discounts, we will charge our regular prices minus the discount. Please contact us for booking your:

  • Hotel stay only
  • Hotel stay + a fun day tour in Nikko/Hakone/Kawaguchiko
  • Hotel stay + train ticket*
  • Hotel stay + airplane ticket + train ticket*
  • Hotel stay + transportation + a fun day tour in Nikko/Hakone/Kawaguchiko*
  • Hotel stay + transportation + private driver for one day

*if you book a package including transportation, please book at least 4 days ahead of your travel date to ensure you also receive the discount for the shinkansen and/or airplane. If you book less than 4 days ahead, the discount will only be applied to your accommodation fees (and tour if booked).

Because everyone’s budget is different, we can cater to any budget from traveling as cheaply as possible to luxury hotels and ryokan. Please note that the maximum discount (hotel/transportation/activity discount + vouchers) that you can get is 20.000 yen per day per person.

When inquiring, please give us the following information:

  1. Your intended travel dates
  2. The number of people you travel with (please also mention their age if anyone under 18 is traveling with you)
  3. Which city you want to go to and from where you will be coming
  4. How much you want to spend per night (post-discount) for the hotel
  5. Whether you want transportation to be included in your package and where you will come from
  6. If you want to book a tour as well, please tell us which tour you would like to book
  7. Additional requests (if any)

Please click here to make an inquiry

One Day Private Tours in Nikko/Hakone/Kawaguchiko

If you come to Nikko, Hakone, or Kawaguchiko for an overnight trip, doing a private guided tour is always great fun and very educational. You will travel worry-free; there is no need to worry about itinerary planning, and the guide will make sure you will make optimal use of your time and see all the best the city has to offer. Supplying great guides is one of our fortes, so we recommend spending a day with one of our guides to those who book a hotel stay through us, but of course, booking a private tour is also an option for locals. Tour itineraries are always flexible, and itineraries can be adjusted at your request in consultation with the guide.

We offer highlight tours in Nikko, Hakone, and Kawaguchiko. Traveling during these special times also means that the best guides are available and you will get the full, unhurried experience. Besides, our prices are fair and at the lower end of the market for private tours. Please see below for what we can offer you in terms of private tours.

8-hour Private Nikko/Hakone/Kawaguchiko Highlight Tour

If you come to Kamakura for the first time or simply didn’t have the chance to see the town’s best highlights yet, this is the tour for you. An experienced local guide will take you on a relaxing tour of the city’s best sights. For Nikko this will definitely include the Toshogu and the Taiyuin, for Hakone, it will include Owakudani and Lake Ashi, and for Kawaguchiko you will be taken to the Kubota museum, Oishi Park, and the Panoramic Ropeway with a hike back down.

There will be more on the program, and the guide will decide together with you which additional sights will be included. You will be regaled with stories about the city’s history, fun tales about the areas, and obscure facts. Plus, you can ask all questions you always wanted to ask about any subject relating to the area’s history, and have lunch in a locally endorsed great restaurant.

Discount price for an 8-hour private tour: 33.000 yen (this includes 10% sales tax)

This is the total price for a group of 1-6 persons. Please inquire for a quote if your group is larger. The meeting point will either be at the hotel you will be staying at, or at Nikko/Hakone/Kawaguchiko main station.

The price is inclusive of the guide’s travel expenses, the guide’s entrance fees, and the guide’s lunch reimbursement. All prices are exclusive of your travel expenses, your own entrance fees, and your lunch. Public transportation is used during the tour. If you are also booking a hotel through us, you will get Go To Travel vouchers that you can use towards your lunch expenses.

Please click here to make an inquiry and let us know which tour you are interested in, the number of people you will be coming with, your desired tour date, and any special requests. Tour reservations are only final after your reconfirmation, and cancellation is flexible until a week before your departure.

Your Japan Tour

As seasoned Japan experts, we can help you create your perfect Japan tour while making optimal use of the Go To Travel discount system. Contact us to start planning your unforgettable holiday to this fascinating country full of once-in-a-lifetime experiences, culture, history, nature, and delicious food!

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