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The Go To Travel Campaign in Japan

***The Go To Travel campaign in Japan is currently suspended until further notice. We can take your reservation for a future trip, and reconfirm your booking once it is clear when the campaign resumes.

Are you a long-term resident in Japan? And do you miss traveling amidst this COVID-19 crisis? In normal times, millions of foreign tourists come to Japan to enjoy the many attractions the land of the rising sun has to offer and to feel the unique atmosphere. But after living here for some time, it is easy to just stay in your own environment and forget how attractive Japan is as a travel destination. How to book Go To Travel campaign trips with the maximum discount?

Book Our Go To Travel Campaign

How Do the Discounts Work?

How much have you already seen of Japan during your time here? Have you already been to Hokkaido, Tohoku, a remote onsen village, Kyushu, or Okinawa? There has never been a better time than now to finally take that trip that you have been wanting to take since you came here. Even though it might not feel like it now, this crisis will not last forever and the crowds will return one day. Enjoy the relatively calm hot spots while you can!

So how does the Go To Travel campaign work? And what are the discounts?

First of all, individually booked flights and/or hotels or tours booked at non-participating tour agencies are NOT eligible for the Go To Travel discounts. You have to book through an officially authorized travel agent in order to make use of the discounts. Japan City Tour has been authorized by the government to participate in the campaign, so every tour you book with us will get the discounts and coupons applied. We will not inflate our normal prices, so you will be able to profit from the campaign 100%.

At this moment, the campaign is running until at least January 31st, 2021. There will likely be extensions, and we will update this page as soon as more information becomes available. Please note that this campaign is only available for residents of Japan. This means that you need to have a valid residence card (zairyu card) or otherwise prove that you are currently residing in Japan. International tourists cannot make use of campaign discounts.

The discount works as follows; the government will pay 50% of your total trip cost. Of this 50% amount, 70% goes toward the discount of the actual cost of the trip (transportation, hotel, activities), and 30% will come in the form of a voucher that can be used during the trip to pay for things like food and souvenirs. When you book a trip through us, we will apply for the discount on your behalf. The prices we will show on our tours will be the post-discounted prices (70%), and the 30% discount that you will get in the form of coupons during your trip will be additional.

Please note that the Go To Travel discount only applies to a maximum of 7 days of your trip. If you book a trip that lasts for more than 7 days, it is still possible to use the Go To Travel discount for the first 7 days but the rest of your stay will be charged at the regular price.

Update: it is currently not possible to use the Go To Travel campaign for trips to Osaka or Sapporo. If this situation would change again, we will update our information. Thank you for your understanding. (November 2020)

Special Go To Travel Package Trips

We have assembled some package trips and winter sports trips for Japan residents that are especially attractive during this campaign. Some general examples of what we can do:

  • A budget multiday package trip to Kyoto including shinkansen, hotel, and optional private tours
  • A luxury staycation package in Tokyo including a luxury ryokan stay and an optional off the beaten path private tour
  • Winter sports ski/snowboard trips for couples, families, and groups of friends

On this page you can see what we offer in different areas of Japan. Please note that you can make use of the Go To Travel campaign discount multiple times, so if you have already gone on a trip and feel like there is much more to discover out there, don’t hesitate to make another trip!

Please note that if you book a package including transportation, please book at least 4 days ahead of your travel date to ensure you also receive the discount for the shinkansen and/or airplane. If you book less than 4 days ahead, the discount will only be applied to your accommodation fees.

Campaign Conditions

The government created this campaign with the goal of invigorating the Japanese travel industry and helping travelers get used to traveling according to the ‘new normal’ standards. Annulation of discounts is possible if you would not adhere to the following conditions while making use of the Go To Travel campaign. These are the conditions;

  1. You have to check your body temperature every day, and if you have a fever of 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher and/or show symptoms of a cold, you have to follow the instructions of the health center. Those with a smartphone also have to download a contact verification app. If your temperature is 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher upon check-in, you will have to stay in a designated room and wait for instructions of the health center.
  2. You have to follow the new travel etiquette rules throughout your trip; don’t enter places that are too crowded and not talk loudly, don’t go in confined spaces where there are too many people, avoid close-contact settings.
  3. You have to follow the accommodation’s government-mandated rules; body temperature at check-in, cooperate with rules pertaining to cleanliness such as using alcohol to clean your hands, and everyone has to bring and show ID that contains address information. If you forget your ID, there is the option to send a copy of your ID at a later time.
  4. It is especially important to follow all the rules if you travel as a group of young people or elderly, vulnerable people as these groups are considered high-risk.

Your Japan Tour

>As seasoned Japan experts, we will provide you with a perfect Japan tour, whether you are a Japan newbie or a long-term resident. We have been authorized to provide Go To Travel campaign discounted tours to Japan residents. Please contact us if you have any questions or inquiries regarding any of our services or campaign conditions.